Meet AtmosFX: Leticia Alceda

May 08, 2017 | Posted in News

As we continue to introduce our fans to the people who make the magic happen here at AtmosFX, we’d like you to meet someone who has a unique perspective on the company’s growth. She’s the one who wrangles the diverse personalities in the office – Leticia Alceda, AtmosFX’s Human Resources and Office Manager.

Lety, as she’s known in the office, has a unique perspective on AtmosFX. She started with the company in early 2015, working part-time in human resources and accounting when, uh, there just weren’t a lot of people here. But that soon changed. Within 7 months, she was on full-time. And over the following two years, AtmosFX has grown to more than 20 people. That’s a lot of change. And she’s been here for almost all of it.

Lety, who emigrated with her husband from Mexico in 2009, and proudly became a U.S. citizen a few years later, first worked in business and property management when she arrived in Seattle. But after major life events, including welcoming a baby, she found herself looking for a career change that would allow her to work in a more creative environment. That’s where AtmosFX came in.

“Being here from nearly the beginning, I feel like AtmosFX is my baby as well,” she says.

Lety admits that she didn’t quite know what to make of the idea of digital decorating when she first came onboard. But she quickly became a convert. In particular, she found it incredibly eye-opening to be able to know and understand the fans out there that love to go “overboard” with their digital decorating. She became completely engaged. “I belong here,” she adds.

“I’ve always been super-committed to my jobs,” she says. “The difference here was the product. And the people. Every member of this company is a unique part of an engine. There’s a synergy here – everyone moving in unison.”

Q: You have been the Human Resources Manager at AtmosFX when there was just a handful of people here. Now, there is more than 20. Is there any one way the company has changed that surprised you?

Leticia Alceda: Yes and No! Yes, in the sense that the growth rate of the company has gone so much faster than I expected. I always expected the company to grow, but I thought it’d be at a slower pace. And no, in the sense that despite such growth, we have not changed the way in which we take our time to make sure that the people we choose to bring onboard – whom at the same time are choosing us – are the perfect fit in every every range of the spectrum, from their skill-set to our company culture. And that has made us only stronger together.

Q: Are you the type of person who decorated for Halloween, or other holidays, before you came to AtmosFX? Have your decorating habits changed?

LA: I must confess. I have always been a last-minute decorator, which in the past got me to decoration-less holidays. AtmosFX has given me the opportunity to have the best decorations in no time! No more of being the boring house of the neighborhood!

Q: Are there any characters/scenes that you think we should create here at AtmosFX, regardless of whether or not the decoration would sell well?

LA: I dream of having scenes along with the soundtrack of The Nightmare Before Christmas. I’m in love with Jack Skellington.

Q: Not including Halloween, what is your favorite holiday?

LA: Thanksgiving, because it’s not tied to any religion. I think it could be a universal holiday.

Q: What is your favorite movie genre – and what are your top 5 favorite movies within that genre?

LA: I love suspense films. This is tough, as I’ve never thought about personal rankings!

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas. Not of the suspense genre per se, but that’s my favorite movie EVER.
  • The Silence of the Lambs
  • Audrey Rose (although the movie didn’t do justice to the book), or any other movie based on a Frank De Felitta masterpiece.
  • The Sixth Sense 
  • Jurassic Park/The Lost World (who doesn’t like the thrill of dinosaurs?) And again, the books are by far better than the movies.

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