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Media Player with Motion Sensor Available for Pre-Sale! | AtmosFX

Media Player with Motion Sensor Available for Pre-Sale!

It is been nearly a year since we first introduced the AtmosGEAR Media Player – to great success. In fact, so much success that we sold out of the device much more quickly than we ever anticipated!

That’s given us a little time to think about what improvements we could make to this clever little device. And we are sure you’re going to love it. The new media player will feature a motion sensor trigger – something that, until now, has typically been used by professional haunters.

With a trigger distance of 10 feet and the ability to automatically prompt any singly chosen AtmosFX Digital Decoration, you now have a brand new way to delight or give fright to neighbors and guests. Also new this year is a fully compatible 15-foot extension cable, that will extend the motion sensor range to 25 feet!

Both the media player and the optional motion sensor extension cable are now available for pre-order in the AtmosFX Online Store and will be shipping in mid-September. The media player will retail for $69.99. The extension cable will retail for $4.99.

What exactly is a media player? Quite simply, it is a small device that can play stored media on an SD (Secure Digital) card or USB drive. Meaning, every AtmosFX digital download in your personal library can be copied to an SD card or USB drive, inserted into the media player, and then easily played in high definition on your TV/monitor or projector.

People who prefer AtmosFX Digital Decoration Complete Collections on SD card will certainly love this. But for those of you who have a ton of AtmosFX digital downloads and want to create and play playlists without tying up your laptop, the media player is positively liberating.

And one last thing: The AtmosFX Media Player doesn’t just play AtmosFX digital files. It also plays music, movies and photos – making it a handy device even when you’re not projecting the newest AtmosFX Digital Decoration. But, this time of year, why would you want to do that?!

Look for blog posts on the many innovative ways to use your media player, like this one. And to order the AtmosFX Media Player with motion sensor, click here now!

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