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Last-Minute Gear Shipping and Delivery Day 10/24/17 | AtmosFX

Last-Minute Gear Shipping and Delivery Day 10/24/17

If you're hoping to have gear before Halloween, today (10/24/17) is the last day we're advising ordering physical product directly from our store. This includes Digital Decorating Kits, projection materialsprops, and AtmosFX Media Players.

When to Expect Delivery

Because we love your business, it's important we make you aware it takes up to 48 hours after ordering before physical gear is transferred from the warehouse to your selected carrier.  So, even with expedited shipping, please factor in two more days for your expected delivery. 

Need AtmosFX Gear faster?

If your Halloween display absolutely needs the extra scare factor that only AtmosFX gear provides, you may be able to get one or two day delivery if you are an Amazon Prime member. As a licensed AtmosFX reseller, Amazon.com has standard Digital Decorating Kits, Window Projection Material, 3DFX Forms, and a wide variety of digital decorations on DVD and SD cards.

Already Got Gear? There's Always Time for Digital Downloads

If you're already set (at least for now) on AtmosFX gear, remember there is always time for digital downloads. Just select, purchase, and download right from your confirmation screen. You'll also get a copy your download link in an email, just in case.

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