Last-Minute Decorating Improvements for Halloween

The Big Night approaches. With the understanding that there is always something more that can be done, we’ve put together a few last-minute ideas that can upgrade your Halloween display from spectacular to we-better-buy-20-more-bags-of-candy-for-the-Trick-’r-Treaters spectacular.

Some are simple solutions to common problems, and others are minor tweaks that can significantly crank-up a display. And the best part is this: All can be done in just a few minutes, even just days before The Big Night.

Fix It With A Diffuser

This is a common request – how do you minimize the faint border of light that sometimes shows up on the periphery of a projection? It is a common problem – “spillover light” can often happen to those who have brighter, higher-end projectors. The solution is decidedly low-end: make your own diffuser.

Check out the section of our Projecting Onto Wall Surfaces Tips & Tricks Video that explains how you can make one of your own.

Tiny Cables, Tiny Speakers

Digital decorators are always looking for ways to pump-up the scares by amending the (often paltry) sound system included with the projector. Or, maybe you want to run a speaker farther away from your digital decorations setup. Again, the solution is simple. Nearly all projectors have a 3.5mm audio jack, just like the one that fits into your Sony Walkman. (Or iPod – whatever!) Many speakers are also fitted with the port. That means inexpensive 3.5mm audio extension cables, available just about anywhere, can be a great addition to your display. Available in both male to male or male to female configurations, they come in standard lengths of 6 ft. all the way up to 50 ft.

Another option to consider is sending your audio signal through bluetooth.  There are many 3.5mm transmitters available now that you plug into the same audio jack and then transmit your audio directly to bluetooth speakers.

Set-Up and Clean-Up Easy

There are no shortage of ways to make set-up and clean up super easy. For instance, you can quickly and cleanly hide the AtmosFX Media Player with simple hook-and-loop tape. Stick your media player behind your TV or onto the side of your projector. Then clean up the cables with some zip ties for a stealthy setup.

We’d be remiss, too, if we didn’t send a shout-out to Freak of the Week Don Workman, who used small plastic totes (with cooling holes cut into the side) to house his projectors and DVD players in an easy-to-deploy single unit.

Don't Forget the Tripod

Lastly, remember that tripod mounts are universal fitting. That means you can mount your projector to any tripod. Yes, the Holiday Digital Decorating Kit comes with a small tripod – and it is great for simple setups. But since many of us have an old tripod sitting in our attics (a remnant of the olden days when we actually took photos with something other than our phones), know that they will work on nearly all projectors! (You can also find inexpensive tripods online, like the one below, or at local thrift stores.) Larger tripods are great for projecting onto harder to reach places without having to rely on a table, bookshelf or stack of boxes.

What other DIY solutions do you use? Let us know!

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