Kudos to You for Your Loyalty

The AtmosFX Loyalty Program has been a big hit since it launched in 2018, and we want to say thank you for your enthusiasm and participation. Some of you may have noticed recent changes to the program, and we appreciate all of your feedback so far. We’re excited to formally announce the new, upgraded AtmosFAN Awards!

The new AtmosFAN Awards give you more opportunities to earn more points (we like to call them “Kudos”) and more rewards options. Here are just a few of the new features you can enjoy:

  • More options for redeeming Kudos, including more free products
  • New Awards tiers allow you to earn even more Kudos for your participation
  • Earn Kudos for taking surveys, shared via our newsletter throughout the year
  • Earn Kudos by sharing your AtmosFX referral link with friends and family
  • The Awards toolbar is now easier to access and use, from any page on AtmosFX.com
  • Opportunities to earn more Kudos by sharing AtmosFX posts on social media

All of your Kudos from the previous program have carried over to your new AtmosFAN Awards account. However, we do need to re-enter your birthday so that you can automatically earn Kudos once a year, as a special gift from us.

To earn your birthday Kudos, open up the rewards panel and click “Ways to Earn.” You’ll find the birthday option and click "Save date" to add your birthday to your account.

You can see a complete list below of all the ways can earn Kudos in the new AtmosFAN Awards!

Kudos anyone can earn

Sign up for an AtmosFX account 100
Subscribe to our newsletter 50
Like us on Facebook 25
Follow us on Twitter 25
Follow us on Instagram 25
Referral's first order 200

Kudos by award tier

Star Decorator All-Star Decorator Superstar Decorator

0 - 500 Lifetime kudos

501 - 3000 Lifetime kudos

3001+ Lifetime kudos

Kudos earned per $1 spent 5 7 10
On your birthday 100 250 500
Product review 25 25 50
Sharing select Facebook content 10 25 50
Sharing select Twitter content 10 25 50
Answering customer surveys 100 250 500

To learn more, click here to visit the AtmosFAN Awards page. You can also click on the “AtmosFAN Awards” tool on the bottom-right corner of any page on our site. If you have any questions about your kudos or rewards, you’re always welcome to contact support@atmosfx.com. Thank you for being part of our digital decorating community!

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Share This Article On Social Media