It's Springtime Critter Season! (And We're Trying to Embrace it)

Springtime. Sure, the weather is getting warmer. For those of us that like sunshine, there’s that. And, perhaps most importantly, each day we get closer to Halloween. There are good things that come with springtime.

But then there’s this: The critters. The snakes. The bugs. And they’re buggin’ us!

This spring, we’re trying a new approach. We’re gonna embrace those %*&*#! nuisances that have been driving us crazy all these years. As our first step towards acceptance, we are discounting by 50% one of AtmosFX’s earliest digital decorations, Creepy Crawlies 2. (This flash sale is good through noon PDT, Saturday, March 18, 2017 – so jump on it now!)

For those brave enough to take a deep dive into older digital decorations, you’ll find Creepy Crawlies 2 to be a collection of digital tarantulas, snakes, rats and cockroaches that skitter, slither, scurry and swarm anywhere you’re willing to project them. You can check out the trailer here.

(And, given that today is St. Patrick’s Day, Creepy Crawlies 2 also has a reptilian connection. After all, the day commemorates the tradition that St. Patrick cast out all the snakes from Ireland.)

We’re looking for other ways to embrace our new %*&*#! critter friends. For instance, we’ve identified a few movies that combine nicely with Creepy Crawlies 2. We plan to curl up in our own infested spider nest and watch a few tonight!

If you have bugs, consider:

Them! Some say the 1954 sci-fi classic about giant ants started it all — the genre of “nuclear monsters.”

Arachnophobia. Sure, it is a little cutesy, but the 1990 film is certainly a doting tribute to the previous generation of monster flicks.

If snakes are your problem, then:

Anaconda. Yes, the 1997 feature is pure cheese. But pure cheese with J-Lo and Ice Cube!

And if rats are your least favorite pest, try:

Deadly Eyes. Giant rats terrorize Toronto in this 1982 film. Where else can you watch Dachshunds wearing rat suits?

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