How to Celebrate with Hoppy this Easter

You don't need us to remind you that the morning of April 4th is Easter Sunday. If you have children, or will be hosting family, you're likely already well aware. Whether you are organizing an egg hunt or hosting a family dinner, we have a few ideas how AtmosFX's Hoppy Easter Digital Decoration can help create a joyful environment befitting of the day.

Add Life to Your Easter Egg Hunt

For those of you with children, the morning egg hunt is often the highlight of the day – for both the young and old. There are numerous places you can project Hoppy Easter to add a little dynamism to your egg hunt.

When your children first emerge from their bedrooms, have some AtmosFX Hollusion Projection Material placed at the end of the hallway or stairway. The first thing they'll see is a glimpse of the Easter Bunny finishing his rounds at your house!

For those who host egg hunts for other families, a projection of Hoppy Easter into the window is a great way to let everyone know that they have come to the right place - plus it's even easier to do now with the new AtmosFX Decorating Disc. Add a personalized banner over the window (or near the doorway) to welcome your guests!

Another great idea is using Hoppy as the "Hint Bunny" at your egg hunt. Are there undiscovered eggs somewhere in the house that your children haven't found? Project Hoppy in the general direction to give them a little dynamic suggestion – just about any light-colored surface will work. The "Hint Bunny" works especially well if you have a wireless projector or a mini projector.

Entertain the Children (and Adults)!

There's also plenty of great ways to use Hoppy Easter when you are hosting family and friends for Easter dinner. The kids, in particular, are sure to be entertained.

If you have an Easter centerpiece on, for example, a buffet table, it is easy to project onto the wall behind it. You'll be creating a dynamic and engaging centerpiece that is sure to attract attention. And for those who really want to do something unusual – how about projecting directly onto the dining table’s white tablecloth?

Even the TV or a computer monitor can be a great decorating tool. For instance, you can play the digital decoration when the children are coloring eggs, or as a "preview" before watching an Easter-themed movie.

Lastly, making use of a quiet corner in your house doesn't just have to be for the egg hunt. You can hang Hollusion Projection Material in any doorway or archway that is not being used for your celebration. Project Hoppy from a closed-off area to create the illusion that the Easter Bunny is staying for the afternoon in your house. Don’t worry – he’s a great guest and he won’t eat much!

How will you use ‘Hoppy Easter’ on April 4 and the days preceding it? Send us your photos and videos to and we will post some of our favorite examples!

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