Great Ways to Use Thanksgiving Digital Decorations this Holiday

With so much to do during the winter holidays, we understand that the last thing people want to do is spend the days leading up to Thanksgiving decorating. This time of year is for family, friends … and food! We can’t do much about the food prep, but we can help with the decorating. And best of all, we'll make it easy as possible. Like canned pumpkin filling easy.

There are two digital decorations that will perfectly dress up your holiday season: Turkey Tomfoolery and Happy Thanksgiving. Both are joyous single-scene decorations that will appeal to the entire family. Turkey Tomfoolery follows the antics of a goofy animated Turkey who seeks his own unique ways to celebrate the season. Happy Thanksgiving is a peaceful meditation of russet, red, and orange autumn leaves tumbling gently in the wind, wishing all who pass a “Happy Thanksgiving.”

How might you use one, or both, of these digital decorations during Thanksgiving? Easy!

  • Greet Your Guests - Perhaps the most common way to use either digital decoration is to project it onto your window with Window Projection Material. Choose the largest window you can find, preferably where all your holiday guests will see it as they approach. There's no better way to warmly welcome your friends and family as they arrive for the weekend!

  • Dinner Diversions - When dinner is served, take advantage of that unused TV screen or computer monitor and display Happy Thanksgiving. Quiet and soothing, it is it gently adds some holiday flavor without being too overwhelming. And at the kids’ table? Put Turkey Tomfoolery on loop. It'll keep the kids happy while they enjoy their meal. (And that will keep the adults happy!)

  • Fill a Room - Similarly, a projection of either digital decoration on a large wall in an otherwise unused room can instantly add color and warmth. Or, consider displaying either one on the wall above the hors d'oeuvres table. It will add a little flair as people come and go for their appetizers. Wherever there is an empty wall, there is an option!

And don't forget, for a short time only, when you purchase the Turkey Tomfoolery Digital Decoration, we will include the Happy Thanksgiving Digital Decoration for free! Simply put both products in your cart in the AtmosFX online store and the Happy Thanksgiving Digital Decoration decoration will be automatically discounted! Get it now – this 2-for-1 sale ends at 12:00 p.m. (PST) November 29, 2019.

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