Getting Pumped!

We are getting pretty excited around here – and not because we will be watching the Pro Bowl in Orlando this Sunday, or wearing those ridiculous ProBowl jerseys in anticipation. We’re gearing up for the real game – the Super Bowl the following weekend.

Admittedly, here in Seattle, many of us are still fretting over Russell Wilson’s ill-fated pass two years ago on the New England one-yard line. (Seems like yesterday … Sigh.) Still, we wouldn’t let that get in the way of a good party. Especially, uh, this guy.

Oh yes, we will still be watching. As the company grows, our football affiliations are becoming more diverse, meaning there’s more to cheer for. We’ve already got Football Fanfare Game Day on a constant loop already in the storefront window; we’ll probably have another ready to go on the TV next Sunday so we can pre-empt FOX whenever Frank Caliendo comes on. 

Now to get the kegerator re-loaded! And figure out how many of these Super Bowl Party Appetizers we are going to eat! (The over/under on the Buffalo Chicken Meatballs is 15.)

We know so many of you will be watching too — even if your team is out. As you prepare for your Super Bowl festivities, know that we’ll be celebrating along with you!

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