Get Gourdy: the Plushie Pumpkins Are Here!

It’s not often you come across a pumpkin that’s so darned adorable you just can’t stop yourself from squeezing it. And certainly, if you did, you’d prefer one that wouldn’t gush seeds and icky stringy stuff once it cracked open.

Well, the mad geniuses in the AtmosFX® Development Dungeon™ have done it again. They’ve engineered a gourd that is, at once, all pumpkin yet eminently snuggleable. Say hello to Gourdy, the Halloween pumpkin plushie. 

Standing a proud six inches tall and made from soft polyester velboa construction, Gourdy is the perfect partner for Halloween fans, young or old. He’s also a great companion for those of us who like a little Halloween in our lives – every day of the year.

That’s certainly how Gourdy feels about the holiday – he started to haunt the AtmosFX office some time back and, well, he never really left. Since then, he’s become something of the self-appointed Guardian of Halloween around here – not that anyone asked him to do so. But, he is pretty snuggly, so we’ve let him keep at it. 

Want to know how Gourdy can become a part of your life? The attendees at the Fan Expo Canada in Toronto had any early chance – but now you can get Gourdy too. The plushie Gourdy is available for just $9.99 at the AtmosFX Online Store.

Click here to bring a gourd-g-eous little Pumpkin to your home!

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Share This Article On Social Media