Freak of the Week, Sept. 29 2017. "Techno Tombstone!"

September 29, 2017 | Posted in Freak of the Week, How-to

You don’t always have to build an extensive Halloween spectacle to create a really compelling display. Sometimes, something clever and extremely well-constructed is all you really need – size doesn’t matter. It is the cleverness and craftsmanship of Kellen Wilson’s “Techno Tombstone” that earns him this week’s Freak of the Week honor.

Making of

Kellen, who lives in Cedar Park, Texas, custom built his tombstone from scratch, using a spare monitor and foam insulation – everything was easy to find at Home Depot. It took him about 6-8 hours during one weekend to put it together – and much of that time, he says, was either hand-cutting the lettering or waiting for the glue and paint to dry.

But, here’s the best part: He started working on this project before he knew that AtmosFX would be releasing its new digital decoration, Eerie Eyes. “We had been messing around with the AtmosFX content we had on hand for almost a month looking for the best clips to use in this application,” he recalls. “They all looked great, but we really wanted a eyeball. Then, a week later y’all announced Eerie Eyes. Match made in heaven!

“Or Hell,” he adds with a laugh.

Before he settled on using Eerie Eyes, Kellen had no shortage of choices to use for his clever prop. He’s been using AtmosFX Digital Decorations since the company’s earliest days. Shades of Evil was his first, he recalls, and he tends to add a new digital decoration each year.

About 500 kids and parents to his house each year – a number that has been steadily growing since he and his family started decorating for the occasion back in 2009. That is what he finds so rewarding about the season. “Standing across the street when its all up,” Kellen says, “and seeing the kids and parents eyes light up!”

We have no doubt that will happen when they see Kellen’s “Techno Tombstone” as part of this year’s display. “We literally made this prop not knowing about Eerie Eyes,” Kellen says, “but it all worked out just too perfect not to share.”

We agree, Kellen – it is too perfect not to share! Thank you!

You can see an additional video detailing how Kellen made this creation, below:

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