Comparing the HDDK and the WindowFX Kits

September 09, 2016 | Posted in News

One of the top questions we’ve been getting from fans through social media, customer emails, smoke signals and alien transmissions provided by our friends at SETI is: “How does the AtmosFX Holiday Digital Decorating Kit (HDDK) compare to the WindowFX kit you sold last year?”

While developing the HDDK, we asked ourselves a simple question: How can we make this product better? What we liked about the WindowFX Kit was that it was compact and easy to use. We made sure these two features were retained in the HDDK. But we also wanted to see how much we could add to make the HDDK even better.

Here’s how the products compare:

 Specification WindowFX AtmosFX HDDK
Lumens 80 ANSI Lumens 200 ANSI Lumens
Native Resolution

(153,600 total pixels)

(384,000 total pixels)

Contrast Ratio 500:1 2000:1
Video Input Sources 1x USB
1x SD Card
2x USB
1x SD Card
1x VGA
Lamp (Bulb) Power 30W LED 80W LED

As you can see, the AtmosFX HDDK is improved in all the important areas. When we say the projector is brighter, provides a crisper image and is an all around improved product, we really mean it!

Lumens? Contrast? What do these things mean?

  • Lumens: The measurement of brightness a light source projects. Flashlights are measured in lumens, as are projectors and light bulbs.
  • Resolution: This is the measurement of “sharpness” of an image. A lower resolution denotes fewer pixels and a fuzzier picture, a higher resolution means a sharper picture.
  • Contrast: This is the measurement of sharpness between light and dark areas of a picture. A high contrast results in deeper blacks and richer colors while a lower contrast results in an image that looks “washed out.”
  • Lamp Power: This is the physical light source being used, and one of the main contributors to lumen count. The lower the number, the less powerful the projector light.
To perform an apples-to-apples comparison between two projectors, have both units projecting their menu screen in ambient light and in full darkness. The projector with higher lumens will project a brighter image and whiter white.

(HDDK on the left, WindowFX on the right)

(HDDK on the left, WindowFX on the right)

As you can see, the HDDK with its higher ANSI lumen count, gives off a brighter image and whiter white. This means your digital decorations will be brighter, creepier, more lifelike and more entertaining! For a final comparison, here are both projectors running the same Zombie Apocalypse scene in full darkness.

One other differentiator between the WindowFX Kit and the HDDK are the compatible inputs in each device.

The additional inputs in the HDDK broadens the variety of ways you can use the projector kit. Maybe you want to connect it to your Blu-ray player – even a trusty ol’ VHS player – to use as a movie projector when not decorating. All of these things that were not possible with the WindowFX Kit are now available with the AtmosFX Holiday Digital Decorating Kit.

We consider the AtmosFX HDDK a fantastic option for those looking to get into digital decorating without blowing their entire Halloween budget. After all, there has to be something left over to buy candy for the trick-or-treaters! We also consider the WindowFX Kit a great barebones option as well, and you can find other retailers now stocking that product for the 2016 season.

With the HDDK, the difficult question a lot of our customers now face is whether to spend their budget on a home theater, high definition, high-lumen projector or buy two or three AtmosFX Holiday Digital Decorating Kits. Honestly, there isn’t a wrong answer here and it very much depends on what your personal decorating needs are.

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