Commander Gourdy's Five Scariest Star Trek Episodes

Gourdy here! I've been so inspired since my company released Star Trek: Beam Me Up Digital Decoration, I haven't slept a wink because I've been preparing my NASA application. C'mon! If they're really going to let a vegetable as boring Romaine Lettuce travel in space, they'll definitely want me! Just think how huge I'd be if I wasn't hindered by gravity – especially if I get the same type of nurturing the potatoes got in The Martian! Another cup of coffee, Mr. Damon?

For obvious reasons, for part of my application I've been re-binge-watching every episode of Star Trek. When I was, I came across an insightful insight: Star Trek can be scary! So, while I take a breather from the application process, I figured I'd show you my list of the five scariest episodes of Star Trek. Ready?

Ready?! Commander Gourdy's Five Scariest Star Trek Episodes. (Psst! I'm doing it backwards, so the scariest one is LAST.)

5. Catspaw (The Original Series)

OK, maybe this episode isn't that scary, but it does encapsulate everything that should be scary. Like witches and black cats and medieval castles!

4. Empok Nor (Deep Space Nine)

Hot tip: Nor is almost like "Noir" – and that is what this episode feels like. Speaking of Deep Space 9, did you hear about Edo, who walked around the corner and turned into a bar? Ha! Get it?!

3. Impulse (Enterprise)

I like this one because it is full of Space Zombies. Sure, they say they're Vulcans, but they're really zombies. Trust me, I know.

2. The Haunting of Deck Twelve (Voyager)

This one gets high marks for me because it is like all the scary ghost stories I always heard around the campfire when I was a young gourd.

1. Conspiracy (The Next Generation)

When Remmick finally gets it in the end, it is beautiful – like Scanners and Alien all in one glorious finish!

What are your favorite scary Star Trek episodes? Does getting buried in a pile of tribbles terrify you? Comment below so we can all know! (Ha! I’m a poet and wasn’t aware of it!)

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