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AtmosFX Media Player: Decorate Without a Laptop or DVD | AtmosFX

AtmosFX Media Player: Decorate Without a Laptop or DVD

For digital decorators who are looking for an easy and inexpensive way to display their high-definition AtmosFX Digital Decorations without tying-up their DVD player or laptop throughout the busy decorating season, we have a solution for you. Behold the AtmosFX Media Player!

This compact media player, which fits in the palm of your hand, is an incredibly simple way to play AtmosFX HD Digital Decorations that are stored on an SD card or USB drive. Simply plug the media player into a projector, TV, or monitor, and insert any AtmosFX Digital Decorations SD Card*. Then, using the included remote control, begin the show!

The AtmosFX Media Player replaces a DVD player or laptop – making it easy and convenient for anyone to create looping playlists. But we especially think that digital decorators who have intricate set-ups with multiple projectors will really like it. Also, because of its small size, it becomes much easier to conceal your equipment. And coupled with the included remote control, there has never been an easier way to create trigger effects and startle scares.

The media player also accepts  a USB drive. That means digital decorators who have previously purchased HD digital downloads can simply copy their MP4 files onto a USB memory stick and plug and play. (You can also copy your files to SD cards.)

In addition, you won’t be  limited to playing only digital decorations. Any digital content that you can store on removable media can also be played on the media player – including music, movies and or photos.

The AtmosFX Media Player is now available for purchase at the retail price of $39.99. Also included in the box is a $9.99 promotional code, which can be used to receive a free digital decoration scene download of your choice**.

For more details, including which AtmosFX Digital Decorations are available on SD card, visit the AtmosFX Media Player product page.


*Additional details about AtmosFX Digital Decoration SD Cards will be available next week. For general information about this new format, check out this blog post.

**Promotional codes apply to AtmosFEARfx and AtmosCHEERfx single scene downloads only.

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