How to Max-Out Your WindowFX Kit

September 24, 2015 | Posted in How-to, News

It's official – the WindowFX Digital Decorating Kits have arrived, and are currently in the process of being shipped to everyone who has pre-ordered them. At last! As the parcels wend their way through the delivery process, we thought we’d get everyone prepped with a few tips on how to best max-out your new WindowFX Digital Decorating Kit.

Your new WindowFX Kit includes everything you’ll need to create an animated environment – all in one box! A projector and tripod, a sheet of Window Projection Material, eight AtmosFX Digital Decorations on an SD card, and a stack of two-sided tape to hold everything in place. Digital decorating made easy – that’s the whole point, right?

Getting started is simple. You’ll find a set of instructions in the box that will teach you all you’ll need to know about your new projector. However, as with any presentation, careful set-up and planning is the key to success. To get the most out of your WindowFX Kit, we’ve put together this guide to provide you with some additional tips and advice that will help you create mind-blowing holiday displays in no time.

So, let’s begin!

First Step: Location, Location, Location

Remember that the digital decorations contained in the WindowFX Kit were designed specifically for “Window Mode” – meaning they will look best when displayed in a window. So, when you’re figuring out where you want to display your creation, choose one that will be seen by as many people as possible.

Keep in mind that due to its compact size, the WindowFX projector has a lower lumen count than standard projectors. For this reason, it should be really, really dark when you set up your display. Turn off any ambient light that may interfere with your scene, and consider using dark curtains to shield your setup from light that may be coming in from other areas of the room. The darker you can make the area around the WindowFX Kit, the more dynamic the display will be. This is essential.

Second Step: Getting Set Up

Next, hang the Window Projection Material so it covers your window completely. For best results (and to display the sharpest picture), the window you select should be a no larger than 4’ by 6’ – the size of the included material. Pull the projection material tightly, so that the folds are smoothed out, and attach it to your window frame or wall with the provided sticky tape, thumbtacks, or other adhesives.

(One thing to note is that unless you like the smell of melted nylon, you shouldn’t iron this material!)

Once your window good to go, it’s time to get your projector ready. Screw the tripod into one of the two holes in the kit. If you’re going to be displaying on a horizontal window, use the one on the bottom. Or, if your window is vertical, use the one on the side.

Now, it’s time to load up your new decorations. On the back of the projector, you’ll find a couple of ports – one for an SD card and one for a USB drive. (You can ignore that one.) Find the SD card and insert it into the slot to access two folders (Halloween and Christmas), containing the eight scenes included with your kit. (And if you want more, additional WindowFX scenes are available here.) 

Now, turn off the lights and turn on your WindowFX Kit. You don't need to display any scenes yet – just shine the projector on your window, moving it backwards or forwards and bending the legs of the tripod until the light completely fills the window frame. When the size is right, you’re set – you’ve found the appropriate distance between the projector and your window!

Third Step: Unleash the Beast(s)

Now that your projector is in place, it’s time to get some decorations running!

From the main menu of the projector, you’ll see folders for both Halloween and Christmas. Inside of each, you’ll find folders for two different display modes – vertical and horizontal. Choose the display that works best for the window you’ll be projecting onto, then select the scenes you want to display by making a checkmark next to each scene. Hit play, either on the remote or the projector.

You can start and stop scenes using the included remote control. This includes using the remote to initiate “trigger effects” – a great way to startle unsuspecting victims, and a “looping” feature that allows scenes to repeat over and over.

And with that, you’ve begun to harness the potential of the WindowFX Kit Digital Decorating Kit. Where to go from here? The sky’s the limit. It is really that simple.

Happy decorating!

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