It’s Alive! The New AtmosGEAR 3DFX Form!

August 13, 2015 | Posted in News

Available for the 2015 Halloween season is a creation Dr. Frankenstein might have created: the AtmosGEAR 3DFX Form.

In a year for innovation at AtmosFX, this may just be the coolest one yet – particularly if you’re keen on taking your Halloween decorating to the next level. Two or three levels, actually.

The AtmosGEAR 3DFX Form is an easy-to-assemble body form – about the size and shape of a life-size mannequin. Cover the form with the included fabric to create a shroud, and you've got your New Greatest Halloween Effect. The 3DFX Form is essentially a screen and, when you project an AtmosFX Digital Decoration that is optimized for this effect onto it, this inanimate object jolts to life.

The effect works similarly to the singing pumpkins effect popularized by AtmosFEARfx’s Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree. However, in this case, our new 3DFX Form has a newly-created display mode that was created expressly for it. Both of the newest AtmosFEARfx releases, Phantasms and Witching Hour, will have this dedicated display mode – called "3DFX Prop Mode". ­On both new releases, there will be four unique scenes utilizing this new display mode.

PRE-ORDER. The AtmosGEAR 3DFX Form will retail for $49.99 plus shipping. It is now available for pre-order at the Store, and will ship out mid-September.

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