Prices Reduced on Older AtmosFEARfx Digital Decorations

February 10, 2015 | Posted in Events

We are doing a little spring cleaning in the AtmosFEARfx Dungeon, knowing that we have to clear space for TWO new Halloween-themed digital decorations this year. So, we are discontinuing the DVD editions of some of our oldest digital decorations. 

In order to find good homes for these DVDs, we have lowered the price for Shades of Evil and Blood Walls to just $19.99. That’s just for the DVDs. So, for those who still wish to add some of AtmosFEARfx's earliest digital decorations to their DVD library, time is running out. When they are sold out, they’ll be extinct. Kind of like how non-sequelized horror movies seem to be extinct.

Of course, the digital downloads for Shades of Evil and Blood Walls will continue to exist — just as Triple Thrill Pack now exists only as a digital download. Think of them as if they are becoming ghosts — existing only in sprit form, but still real and just as scary.

All other AtmosFEARfx and AtmosCHEERfx Digital Decorations — including all new titles for 2015 — will continue to be available both as DVDs and digital downloads.

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