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One Video to Rule Them All | AtmosFX

One Video to Rule Them All

For the many Haunters that have been with AtmosFX from our earliest days, you’re well aware why digital decorating is so cool and easy. But we still meet people who just don't get it. So we’ve created a new series of videos designed to demystify the process. Admittedly, the first, titled “Basics of Digital Decorating,” covers a lot of stuff many of our earliest fans are familiar with. This video is designed for everyone else – those who are ready to rock Halloween but need just a gentle push to see how easy digital decorating can be.

In the coming weeks leading up to Halloween, AtmosFX will also be releasing several additional “how-to” videos that will show, in detail, how to use AtmosFX digital decorations to easily create unique effects such as projecting on windows or creating a hologram effect. These videos will also be available on the AtmosFX YouTube Channel, as well as under our newly revised “Tricks and Tips” section on our website. 

Even for those of you who are very familiar with digital decorating, this “Basics” video should come in handy when your perplexed neighbor – for the third straight Halloween – asks: So tell me again how you got that cool werewolf on your window?


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